Simon Folkard

Professeur Associe
Université René Descartes - Paris 5 · Institut de Psychologie · LATIFrance · Paris

Publications significatives


  • Année2015

Saksvik-Lehouillier, I., Pallesen, S.,  Bjorvatn, B., Magerøy, N. & Folkard, S. (2015). Towards a more comprehensive definition of shift work tolerance. Industrial Health (Japan). 53. 69-77.

  • Année2014

Boudebesse, C., Geoffroy, P.A., Bellivier, F., Henry, C., Folkard, S., Leboyer, M., & Etain, B.(2014)  Correlations between objective and subjective sleep and circadian markers in remitted patients with bipolar disorder. Chronobiology International. 31. 697-704.

 Lombardi DA, Jin K, Courtney TK, Arlinghaus A, Folkard S, Liang Y, Perry MJ (2014) The effects of rest breaks, work shift start time, and sleep on the onset of severe injury among workers in the People’s Republic of China. Scand J Work Environ Health.  40. 146-155.

 Lombardi DA, Jin K, Vetter C, Courtney TK, Folkard S, Arlinghaus A, Liang Y & Perry MJ (2014). The impact of shift starting time on sleep duration, sleep quality, and alertness prior to injury in the People’s Republic of China Chronobiology International. 31. 1201-1208.

 Marquié, J-C., Tucker, P., Folkard, S., Ansiau, D. (2014). Pénibilité et soutenabilité du travail posté: indices liés au sommeil, au métabolisme et à la cognition dans l’étude longitudinale VISAT. In Jean-Claude Marquié & Marie-Cécile Amauger-Lattes (Eds.) Pénibilité et santé : les conditions de l’effort soutenable au travail. Toulouse : Editions Octarès.

 Marquié, J-C., Tucker, P., Folkard, S., Gentil, C., Ansiau, D. (2014).  Chronic effects of shift work on cognition: findings from the VISAT longitudinal study.  J Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 10.1136/oemed-2013-101993

  • Année2013

Boudebesse, C., Lajnef, M., Geoffroy, P.A., Bellivier, F., Nieto, I., Gard, S., Olie, E., Azorin,E.J.M., Kahn, J.P., Bougero, Passerieux, T.C., Aubin, V., Milhiet, V., Folkard, S., Leboyer, M., Henry, C. & Etain, B.(2013) Chronotypes of bipolar patients in remission: Validation of the French version of the Circadian Type Inventory in the FACE-BD Sample. Chronobiology International. 29. 549-555

  • Année 2012

Flo E, BjorvatnB, FolkardS,  MoenBM, Grønli J, NordhusIH & Pallesen S (2012) A Reliability and validity study of the Bergen Shift Work Sleep Questionnaire in nurses working three-shift rotations. Chronobiology International. 27. 937-946.

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