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Université Paris Descartes, Institut de Psychologie
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Spécialiste en histoire de la psychologie et de la philosophie, 

et spécialiste en psychologie cognitive de la mémoire humaine.




Papers on "Memory and Psychology"


- Guida*, A., Gobet, F., & Nicolas. S. (2013). Functional cerebral reorganization: A signature of expertise? Reexamining Guida, Gobet, Tardieu, and Nicolas' (2012) two-stage frameworkFrontiers in Human Neuroscience7, 590doi : 10.3389/fnhum.2013.00590
- Guida*, A., Gras*, D., Noel, Y., Le Bohec, O., Quaireau, C., & Nicolas. S. (2013). The effect of long-term working memory through personalization applied to free recall: Uncurbing the primacy effect enthusiasm. Memory & Cognition41, 571-587.
- Guida*, A., Tardieu, H., Le Bohec, O., & Nicolas, S. (2013). Are schemas sufficient to account for the personalisation effect? Only if long-term working memory backs up! European Review of Applied Psychology63, 99-107.
- Picucci*, L., Gyselinck, V., Nicolas, S., Piolino, P. & Bosco, A. (2013). Spatial mental models: The interaction of presentation format, task requirements and availability of working memory components. Applied Cognitive Psychology27, 314-327.
- Dubuisson*, J. B., Fiori, N., & Nicolas, S. (2012). Repetition and spacing effects on true and false recognition in the DRM Paradigm. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology53, 382-389.


- Gounden*, Y., & Nicolas, S. (2012). Ageing and Secondary-Distinctiveness-Based Effects: The Orthographic Distinctiveness Effect Is More Robust than the Bizarreness Effect. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology65, 1820-1832.
- Guida*, A., Gobet, F., Tardieu, H., & Nicolas, S. (2012). How chunks, retrieval structures and templates affer a cognitive explanation for neuroimaging data on expertise acquisition: A two-stage framework.Brain and Cognition79, 221-244.
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Papers on "History of Psychology"


- Johnson, J., Lorch, M., Nicolas, S., & Graziano, A. (2013). Jean-Martin Charcot's role in the nineteenth-century study of "music aphasia". Brain136 (5), 1662-1670.
- Nicolas, S. (2013). "A Big Piece of News": Théodule Ribot and the Founding of the "Revue Philosophique de la France et de l’Etranger". Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences49, 1-17.
- Nicolas, S., Gounden*, Y., & Piolino, P. (2013). Victor and Catherine Henri on earliest recollections. L'Année Psychologique / Topic in Cognitive Psychology113 (3), 351-376.
- Nicolas, S., Andrieu, B., Croizet, J. C., Sanitioso, R. B., & Burman, J. T. (2013). Sick? or Slow? On the origins of intelligence as a psychological objectIntelligence41, n° 5, 699-711.


- Nicolas, S., & Levine, Z. (2012). Beyond intelligence testing : Remembering Alfred Binet after a century. European Psychologist17, 320-325.
- Nicolas, S., & Sanitioso, R. B. (2012). Alfred Binet and experimental psychology at the Sorbonne laboratory. History of Psychology15, 328-363.
- Nicolas, S., Ross, H., & Murray, D. J. (2012). Charpentier's papers of 1886 and 1891 on weight perception and the size-weight illusion. Perceptual and Motor Skills115, 120-141.


Chapitre d’ouvrage


- Nicolas, S. (2013). Préface. In Q. Simon, La mémoire dans la poche (pp. 9-10). Fontenay-le-Comte : Lussaud.
- Pereira Da Costa,  M., Zenasni, F., Nicolas, S., & Lubart, T. (2013). Alfred Binet, a creative life in measurement and pedagogy. In A. Robinson & J. L. Jolly (Eds.), A century of contributions to gifted education: Illuminating lives (pp. 23-40). New York & London: Routledge.


- Nicolas, S. (2012). Théodule Ribot : Le philosophie, la mémoire et l'imagination. In J.-F Marmion (Eds.), Histoire de la psychologie (pp. 35-37). Auxerre : Sciences Humaines Editions.


Article « Histoire de la psychologie » publié dans une revue de vulgarisation

- Nicolas, S. (2012). Alfred Binet ou les prémices du QI. Cerveau & PsychoL'essentiel, n° 9, février-avril, pp. 10-14.


Revue SN


Edition d’ouvrages historiques chez L’Harmattan (coll. Encyclopédie Psychologique)

- Binet, A. (2013). Premiers écrits psychologiques (1880-1886). Paris : L’Harmattan. [à paraître]
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Nicolas, S. (2013).Histoire de la psychologie (nouvelle édition)Paris : Dunod (Coll. Topos) (128 pages). (1re édition en 2011)


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