Post-doctoral position

A post-doctoral position in genomic epidemiology/ pharmacogenetics is opened at INSERM UMR_S 775 , Paris, France. The INSERM UMR_S 775 directed by Professor Pierre Laurent-Puig is an international leader department in cancer pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics. Developed programs include the identification of germline polymorphisms that could be predictive of efficacity/toxicity of anticancer drugs and the search for somatic genetic alternations present in tumor cells that could predict the effects of targeted therapies. These programs rely on several clinical databases gathering thousand patients that have been set up in the department. 

The proposed post-doctoral position is sought for a research program on the genetic response to colorectal cancer therapies. Thousands of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) covering about 1,700 genes involved in the metabolism, transport and target of anticancer drugs have been genotyped using DNA chip array in a clinical trial for colorectal cancer. The aim of this project is to identify genetic variants associated with the haematological and neuronal toxicity of anticancer drugs using association analysis –based strategies. 

Motivated candidate would have a PhD in bioinformatics, statistical genetics or genetic epidemiology (or equivalent experience). He/she should demonstrate strong abilities to work independently , strong interests in (pharmaco-) genomic data analysis and good communication skills. Experience in the analysis and manipulation of large datasets is required (experience in R language is much appreciate). French language skills are not a prerequisite. 

The selected candidate will work as part of a multidisciplinary team, including experienced scientists in molecular and cellular pharmacoepidemiology, but also a dynamic group of graduate/PhD students. He/she will also benefit from the statistical support from Dr David-Alexandre Tregouet (INSERM UMR_S 937) who has a long experience in statistical genetic data analysis.

Position is full-time and initially restricted for 2 years. Positions are immediately opened and candidates should submit CV to Pr Pierre Laurent-Puig ( or Dr David-Alexandre Tregouet (