Arnaud Cachia (Prof.)

Arnaud Cachia

Arnaud Cachia

I am full Professor in Integrative Neurosciences at Paris Descartes University and member of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF). My research aims at deciphering the neurodevelopmental bases of cognition. I am interested in the early stage of brain development during fetal life and its long-term effects on cognition. These early constraints on cognitive variability and development are less known than the neuroplasticity mechanisms, extensively investigated these last years. In this context, I investigated the associations between variations of cortex sulcation - a stable feature of brain anatomy determined in utero - and clinical symptoms in neurodevelopmental psychiatric and neurogenetic disorders. Using the same brain imaging methods and the same theoretical framework, I have recently started to study the neurodevelopmental bases of normal variability and development of cognitive control in typically developing children.

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Journal articles


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