OKUI Haruka

Doctor of Philosophy of Education, Kyoto University.

Post-Doctral Researcher, Laboratory TEC, Université Paris Descartes.

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow for Research Abroad.


Research Theme


1. Formation of Body Technique

Through collaborating with Pr. Andrieu, I describe the body techniques of performers, through analyzing their training sessions, especially of puppet performers in Japan (since 2010), and circus performer in France (since 2015). A training session to acquire new body techniques evokes exciting and dynamic interactions among participants. Through describing their interactions in detail, I try to catch the rich moment when their bodies are transforming.

2. Japanese Philosophy of Body

I research the philosophy and exercise of body in Japan. Meditations in temples, or religious activities in mountains, for example, help us to comprehend the dynamic transforming process of consciousness and bodily experiences.This project tries to demonstrate that the philosophical investigation itself is a situated and embodied practice, which would evoke our existential renewal.

3. Phenomenology of Education

I also investigate the possibility of phenomenological description as a way to catch therich meaningsof everyday lives, interactions, conversations, perceptions. A few French phenomenologist and Holland phenomenologist called « Utrecht school », are important reference for this project.




2015-2018: JSPS Postdoctral Fellow for Research Abroad, Laboratoire TEC, Université Paris Descartes. (Salaried byJapan Society for Promotion of Science)

2012-2015: Research Fellow (full-time), KOKORO Research Center, Uehiro Kokoro Studies, Kyoto University.

2014: Ph.D. (Educational Studies), Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University.

2010-2011: Research Assistant, KOKORO Research Center, Kyoto University.

2009-2010: Teaching Assistant, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University.

2009: Master.(Human and Environmental Studies), Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University.

2007: Bachelor, Integrated Human Studies, Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto University. 


Teaching Activities


2014: Lecturers, “Philosophy of Education”, Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences.

2013-2014: Lecturers, “Philosophy of Education”, Shoei Junior College.

2013: Lecturers, “Philosophy of Child Care”, Osaka Shoin Women’s University.

2012: Lecturers, “Educational Studies”, Siga Saiseikai Nursing School.





OKUI H. (2015), The Living Body in Techniques, Puppeteers and a Clinical-Philosophical Pedagogy of the Training, Kyoto: Minerva Shobo (Japanese).(『〈わざ〉を生きる身体——人形遣いと稽古の臨床教育学』、京都:ミネルヴァ書房、2015年.)


Books Chapters

OKUI H. (2015), "The way to l’expérience veçu: Yasuo Yuasa and Merleau-Ponty, Mind-Body Society" (eds.) The Knowledge of Body: Homage for Yasuo YUASA, Sagamihara: Being Net Press, 114-132.(Japanese :生きられた経験(expérience veçu)への道 : 湯浅康雄とメルロ=ポンティ, 人体科学会編, 身体の知 : 湯浅哲学の批判と継承, 相模原:ビイング・ネット・プレス.)

OKUI H. (2015), "Toward Clinical-Anthropological Pedagogy of Techniques", Toji KAMATA (ed.) Spirituality and Education, Sagamihara: Being Net Press, 203-229. (Japanese :わざの臨床教育学に向けて, 鎌田東二編、スピリチュアリティと教育, 相模原:ビイング・ネット・プレス.)

OKUI H. (2012), "Who Is Manipulating the Puppet?: A Phenomenological Analysis of Puppet Performances on Awaji Island", Japan, D. D. Benavides & F. Duhart (eds.) Bodies & Folklore(s): Legacies, Constructions & Performances, (Lima-Perú,
R&F Publicaciones y Servicios), pp.75-83.


Scientific Articles

OKUI, H.(2015). "Les marionnettistes de Ningyo Joruri : vivre dans un autre". Andrieu B. (ed.) Vocabulaire International de Philosophie du Sport: Les nouvelles recherches. vol. 2, pp. 113-119.

OKUI, H. (2015). "Body as Reference Frame of Knowledge: A Phenomenological Description of a Training Session at the Awaji Puppet Theatre", Phenomemology of Learning and Teaching, 16: 41-54 (Japanese :知識の参照点としての身体 : 淡路人形座の稽古場面における「ままならなさ」の現象学的記述、学ぶと教えるの現象学)

OKUI, H. (2013). "A Learner as an “Embodied Agent”: UsingMerleau-Ponty’s Concept of “Body” to Understand Learning, Studies in the Philosophy of Education", 107: 60-78. (Japanese : 身体化された行為者(embodied agent)としての学び手 : メルロ=ポンティにおける「身体」概念を手がかりとした学び, 教育哲学研究.)

OKUI, H. (2013). "Learning with Gesture and Language: 
Describing the Interactive Process of Embodiment in Puppeteer’s Body Technique, Studies inholistic education", Kyoto University Research Studies in Education, 16:69-82. (Japanese :身ぶりと言葉による「学び」:人形遣いのわざ習得場面における行為空間の記述,ホリスティック教育研究.)

OKUI, H. (2013). "Subject, Language and Body: Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology in Educational Studies", Record of Clinical-Philosophical Pedagogy, 12:58-62.

OKUI, H. (2012). "L'intentionalité Corporelle in Language : Studies of Body-Knowledge through the Phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty", Kyoto University Research Studies inEducation, 58:183-193. (Japanese :「沈黙の声」にみる身体的志向性 : わざ研究へのメルロ=ポンティ現象学からの接近, 京都大学大学院教育学研究科紀要.)

OKUI, H. (2011). "Educational Significance of 'Intercorporéité' in Merleau-Ponty: Reconsidering the Education of the Body", Kyoto University Research Studies in Education, 57:111-124. (Japanese : メルロ=ポンティにおける「間身体性」の教育学的意義 : 「身体の教育」再考, 教育学研究科紀要.)

OKUI, H. (2011). "Body and the Understanding of Others: Phenomenology of Language in Merleau-Ponty", Record of Clinical-Philosophical Pedagogy, 11:75-81.

OKUI, H. (2010). "Investigation to 'the Body Opened to the World' :Through the Comprehension of the Body in Jigoro KANO and in Morihei UESHIBA", Journal of Mind-Body Science, 19: 45-53. (「開かれた身体」を求めて: 嘉納治五郎と植芝盛平の身体観を手がかりに, 人体科学.)



OKUI, H. (2014). Symphony among Body and Mind, Annual Report in Padoma Elementary School, 18-19. (Japanese : 響きあう身体と心, まちとお寺と幼稚園・パドマ幼稚園アニュアル・レポート)

OKUI, H. (2014). Discuss Constructingly, 13:43, KoKoro Research.(Japanese : 前のめりに議論する, こころの未来).

OKUI, H. (2012). Experience of Body Knowledge: A training session of Awaji Puppet Theatre, KoKoro Research, 9:42-45. (Japanese: 身体知の分節的経験 : 淡路人形座の稽古の場面から, こころの未来).


International Conferences


OKUI, H. (2015). "Transforming the body schema in Awaji Puppet performance", " What Philosophy of sport ? "International Conference of GDRI 856, CNRS, Body Ecology by Physical, Adapted & Sport Activity, 13 October, Université Paris Descartes.

OKUI, H. (2015). "Investigation for Philosophy of the body in Japan". 32nd Research Meeting on Arts and Principles of Body-Mind Transformation & 1st Research Meeting, Philosophy of the Body, 22nd January 2015.

OKUI, H. (2013), "Lived Experience of Master and Novice: A Phenomenological Description of a Training Session at the Awaji Puppet", The 33rd International Human Science Research Conference, 12-15 August 2013.

YIN, Y., VARGAS F., OKUI, H. & PERALTA, A. (2013). "The world of the thinging thing: Several phenomenological snapshots", The 33rd International Human Science Research Conference, 12-15 August 2013.




OKUI, H. (2015). " Acquiring Body Technique: The case of Puppet Theater in Japan ". Rentrée de l'ED 566, 1er décembre 2015, Université Paris Orsay.


Organisation de journées d'études


ANDRIEU B., OKUI H. & LEGENDRE A., (2016 coming soon),French-Japaneseworkshop: Living body’ experiences, 29 June, Université Paris Descartes.


Skills & Interests


11/2006-11/2014 : Coach of Kyoto University Volley ball team.