Maître de Conférences UFR STAPS Paris Descartes

Laboratoire de Psychologie de la Perception UMR 8242 – Equipe AVOC

CNRS & Université Paris Descartes - UFR Biomédicale des Saints Pères - 45 rue des Saints-Pères 75270 Paris

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courriel : Sylvain.Hanneton@parisdescartes.fr


Research interests


Étude expérimentale et modélisation des apprentissages sensori-moteurs et perceptifs. Applications aux technologies d'assistance pour les personnes handicapées (rééducation, prothèses sensorielles).

Experimental study and modeling of perceptual and sensory-motor learning. Application to assistive technologies and sensory prostheses.

- Adaptation and learning at the sensory-motor level in human.

- Sensory-motor adaptation and learning in perceptual processes- Sensory substitution

- Methods : motion capture and analysis for biomechanics, development of interactive systems for experimental investigations in sensory-motor learning, modeling


Current main topics


- Auditory feedback to enhance adaptation or re-adaptation in the context of visuo-motor or motor perturbations (LEGOS project, collaboration with IRCAM).

- Sensori-motor learning and aging (collaboration with P. Maillot in the TEC Lab)

- Development of a visuo-auditory sensory substitution system to investigate the adaptation process in sensory substitution, collaboration with M. Auvray (ISIR) and K. O'Regan (LPP)




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