Deputy Director and training manager

University of Paris, School of Sport Sciences, Institute of Sport-Health Sciences of Paris, France




2011: PhD. Specialty: exercise and cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology.

2008: Master of Science. Specialty: physical rehabilitation, cardiovascular physiology and ischemia/reperfusion syndrome.

2006: Bachelor of Science. Specialty: sport training and physical preparation.




May 2018-now: Associate Professor (MCU-HDR) in cardiovascular physiology. Paris Descartes University, UMR8256, Paris, France.

Sept 2015-May 2018: Assistant Professor (MCU) in cardiovascular physiology. Paris Descartes University, UMR8256, Paris, France.

Sept 2014-Aug 2015: Casual teacher and researcher in physiology. Joseph Fourier University, Inserm Unit 1055, Grenoble, France.

Jan-Aug 2014: Research assistant. Health High School Vaud, University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

2013-2014: Inserm/FRSQ scholarship holder. Post-doctoral research fellow: Montreal Heart Institute, Canada.

2012-2013: Post-doctoral research fellow: Montreal Heart Institute, Heart Failure Team, Montreal (Qc), Canada.

2008-2011: MESR scholarship holder. PhD research fellow in cardiovascular physiology, Cardiovascular Pharm-Ecology Lab Avignon, France.




Research interests:

  • Work in the field of health to develop a scientific understanding of pathological mechanisms leading to cardiovascular diseases - CVD (cardiomoyopathies, cardiac allograft rejection / heart failure), chronic diseases (diabetes, metabolic syndrome) and cancer.
  • Explore the role of exercise and hypoxia in the improvement of human health.
  • Develop non-pharmacological approaches to cure or prevent CVD, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cancer.
  • Develop novel biotherapies to cure CVD.


Technical skills:

  • Human (i.e. healthy volunteers, heart failure patients and heart transplant recipients) leukocytes biology (effect of immunosuppressive drugs on leukocytes inflammatory activities).
  • Cellular culture (human umbilical vein endothelial cells, HUVECs and bovine aortic endothelial cells, bAECs).
  • Immunohistochemical assays, spectrophotometric assays, Western immunoblotting assays, ELISA.
  • Confocal microscopy (human neutrophils adhesion and migration).
  • Cardiac investigations in rodents (in vivo: intraventricular transducer, food supplementation and ex vivo: isolated and perfused heart).
  • Cellular function in vitro investigations (cardiomyocytes, aortic endothelial cells, neutrophils, mitochondria).
  • Flow cytometry (cell-derived microparticles).
  • Echocardiography, exercise testing in human (i.e. healthy volunteers and heart transplant recipients) and rodents to explore the impact of exercise and/or hypoxia on cardiac function.




  • Fondation de France Grant (DDS Cardio Project 2017). Co-investigator. 95000 €.
  • Inserm/FRSQ scholarship, 2013-2014. Co-investigator. 30000 $.
  • Ministry of higher education and research scholarship (MESR), 2008-2011. 20000 €/year.
  • The best oral presentation in fundamental science, 11ème Colloque de la Société Québécoise de Transplantation, Québec, Canada, October 2012: 2000 $.
  • Diastolic dysfunction and oxidative stress after prolonged exercise (grant). 2011. Collaborator. 15000 €.





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