Valerie TALY

Valérie TALY (Abécassis)


44 years old

Married, 2 Children



Dr Valerie Taly is a CNRS research director and group leader of the Translational Research And Microfluidics group within the MEPPOT team (Personalized medicine, pharmacogenomics and therapeutic optimization). She is deputy director of this team headed by Prof. P. Laurent-Puig in the Cordeliers Research Center (CRC). 

After graduation as a Molecular Toxicologist, Dr Valerie Taly (Abecassis) performed her PhD research at the Center of Molecular Genetics (CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, FR) on applications of combinatorial methods (generally used for proteins directed evolution) to the study of the functional plasticity of human Cytochromes P450. She joined Andrew Griffiths’ group in 2003, in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) in the Medical Research Council in Cambridge (UK, dir. Pr. Greg Winter), to work on in vitro compartmentalization of biological and chemical reactions in emulsion droplets and participated to the development of High-throughput selection procedures of double-emulsions by FACS. In 2005, she integrated the Laboratory of Biological Chemistry directed by Pr. A. Griffiths in the ISIS institute (created by Pr JM Lehn and directed by Pr T. Ebbesen at that time, Univ. Strasbourg),  as a permanent CNRS researcher to work on HTS procedures using droplet-based microfluidics. Starting from 2008, she focussed on the development of droplet-based digital procedures for Cancer diagnosis. In particular, her team developed highly sensitive quantitative procedures for the detection of Cancer Biomarkers in droplets in a collaboration involving the clinical laboratory of Pr. P. Laurent-Puig (hEGP hospital, Univ. Paris-Descartes), the team of Dr J.-C. Baret (Max Plank Institute, Goettingen) and Raindance Technologies (US, now part of BIO-Rad). She has recently created (January 2012) a new Group, named Translational Research And Microfluidics (TRAM), within the clinical oncology research unit MEPPOT in the university Paris-Descartes. Her research is dedicated to the clinical validation of the developed droplet-based procedures for the non-invasive detection of Cancer biomarkers, the highlighting of new Cancer Biomarkers and the development of original tools and procedures for their detection with applications in personalized medicine, cancer recurrence detection and cancer diagnostics.

CURRICULUM VITAE (updated Oct. 2019)


93 scientific publications including 80 original articles (30 as corresponding author; > 3200 citations; h-index = 31 (Google scholar), average citation per item> 44, 4 journal covers, 4 of highly cited (Top 1%) papers), 7 other publications (in French or editorials), 6 book chapters, 1 book “Microchips for Diagnostics” (Springer) co-ed. Pr J-L. Viovy & S. Descroix, 1 editorial for Biomolecular Detection and Quantification, Elsevier (BDQ, invited editor)
4 patents awarded Europe & USA and 4 patent applications
> 93 Invited Talks including 73 in international Conference/Workshops
37 Master /Bachelor students advised, 8 PhD advised (2009-2016), 3 on-going PhDs (in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year PhD), 11 Post-doc. supervised (3 still in the TRAM team), 1 permanent research engineer (present in the lab since 2012), 6 technicians or engineers supervised since 2011 (1 currently in the team).
Co-founder emulseo ( start-up company


2019-today  Deputy director MEPPOT team (Team 26, Cordeliers research center, UMRS1138)
2016- today  Head of labelized Ligue contre le Cancer (LNCC) team
2015- today  CNRS Research director (DR2)
2012- today  Group leader of the “Translational Research And Microfluidics”-Univ. Paris-Descartes - UMRS-1147- Director: Prof. P. Laurent-Puig (now UMRS1138)
2006-2011 CNRS permanent Researcher (CR1 2010-2015). ISIS. UMR 7006, Strasbourg – Dir.: Prof. T. Ebbesen. Laboratoire de biologie chimique (dir.: Pr A. Griffiths).
2003-2006  Post-doctoral researcher. Team of Dr A. Griffiths. Medical Research Council, LMB, Cambridge, UK. "High throughput sorting of double-emulsions for directed evolution".
1999-2003  PhD student in molecular toxicology. Supervised by Dr D. Pompon and G. Truan. Funding from French ministry of research (MNERT), FRM and Ligue nationale contre le cancer (4th year).


2017-  EMBL workshops on liquid biopsies and digital PCR
2011-  Frontiers of Life Sciences (FDV) Bachelor/ Univ. Paris-Descartes. Internships (~70h/yr) & Biology course coordination. Microfluidics Practical courses, FDV selection committee
2014-15   Online course/scientific flyer “liquid biopsy” for MDs (Accès cibles, Boehringer Ingelheim)
2014-15    Female Mentoring program/ Univ. Cologne/ Germany
2006-11  Master Degree - Toxicology and Molecular Biology (8h/yr), Univ. de Strasbourg / FR
1999-02    Teaching in 1rst yr of medical studies and Bachelor (192h), Univ. Paris-Descartes
1997-98   Practical courses Med. studies, Univ. Amiens & Training 1rst yr medical Exam (272h).


2008  Habilitation à diriger les recherches (HDR). "Protein directed evolution: from the creation of genetic diversity to the analysis within microreactors." University of Strasbourg.
2003  PhD in Molecular toxicology. "Combinatorial approaches applied to the study of Cytochrome P450s functional diversity." University Paris Descartes (Paris V).
1999  Master of molecular toxicology. University Paris Descartes.


2016-2019   CNRS award for supervision & research (“Prime d’encadrement et de recherche”, PEDR ex. PES).
2016-            Labelization from “ligue nationale contre le cancer” (renewable 4 times after evaluation)
2016           Prize “Equipe à l’honneur”, “Association for cancer research” (10k€, with P. Laurent-Puig)
2015   Advanced Merieux Institute Grant (co-coord. with P. Laurent-Puig)
2012-2015   CNRS award for scientific excellence (“Prime d’excellence scientifique”, PES).
2006     Long-term FEBS post-doctoral fellowship (3 yrs, declined for the CNRS position).
2003-2006  Marie-Curie “Research Training Network” Fellowship ENDIRPRO.


2018- today    Member of the working group of the French society of clinical biology (SFBC) on ddPCR2018- today  Scientific committee of the CARPEM SIRIC network, responsible of the axe 2 “technological developments”
2017- today  Partner steering Committee member of the ELICIT (Empowering LIfe sCiences with Innovative Technologie) DIM (Major Interest Domains, Ile-de-France region)
2017- today    Expert for the High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES, laboratory/Institute evaluations)
2017- today    Member of the founding committee of the « INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF LIQUID BIOPSY (ISLB) » (Spain, Granada, initiative of the Genyo Center Merck/Univ. Granada)
2016- today    Nominated member of the INSERM commission CSS6 Panel (Nominated member, Technologies for Health and public health, selection new researchers/research director, evaluation of researchers and research units)
2016- today    Nominated member of the Frontiers of Life Sciences (FDV) doctoral school (ED474) steering committee
2016- today    FWO (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) Interdisciplinary Expert panel member
2015- today    Board of the GDR “Micro nanofluidics” (CNRS research network)
2014- today    UMR S1147 scientific committee/ Univ. Paris-Descartes
2014-16     Scientific Advisory Board, Interdisdisciplinary Center for Chemistry and Biology (FR 3567, 2013-2016)
2013-15    Expert member for the (OMNT, CNRS)


Congress advisory panels: Panel Chair/organisation SLAS 2019 (Washington 2019), 9th Annual NGS UK Congress & 5th Annual Single Cell Analysis UK Congress (2017), 3rd Annual NGS & Single Cell Analysis USA Congress (2017), digital PCR & qPCR US 2016, Next-Generation Diagnostics Summit 2016 (US), Microfluidics Europe 2015 (London), qPCR and dPCR world congress 2015 (Philadelphia), Circulating Cancer Biomarkers US 2014 (Boston), qPCR and digital PCR congress 2014 (London), Circulating Biomarkers US 2014, MicroTas 2013-15 (Technical Prog. Committee, TPC) and Flow17 TPC

Workshop organizations: Single cell genomics workshop (ICM institute, Paris) (2017); International Scientific Committee (ISC) NanoBio Interfaces in Healthcare and Sciences (2015-now, 1 meeting/yr)


Journals: Analytical Bioanalytical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, British Journal of Cancer, Cancers, Cancer Research, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Cancer Research, Gut, IUBMB life, JoVe, Lab on a Chip, Microfluid Nanofluidics, Molecular Applications of Medicine, Nature Protocols, Plos One, RSC advances, Scientific Report, etc.

Institutions/Grant/Prize: “Association for cancer research (ARC)” foundation, Biomedicine agency, Canceropole "Aquitaine", Canceropole “Ile-de-France”, Canceropole "Grand-est", Canceropole "Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes", Campus France, Cancer Research UK, CNRS “mission for interdisciplinarity”, Dutch Cancer Society (KWF), EADS foundation PhD award (2011), European commission (Research and Innovation action (Research and Innovation Actions-RIA, ICT-03-2016); Future Emerging Technology (FET, member of follow-up committee 2015/17, project Ribonets), Marie-Curie Fellowship, Prestige Marie-Curie Fellowship); French National Research Agency (ANR), French National Cancer Institute (INCa), Idex Paris-Saclay, Kom op tegen Kanker (stand up to cancer, the Flemish cancer society), Ligue Nationale contre le cancer (LNCC), Science & Technology Foundation (STW, Belgium), Rosetrees Trust (UK, Interdisciplinary Prize Award), etc.

Editing: Board Editor Scientific Report since 2018, Invited editor (with Dr D. Pekin) of Micromachine journal special issue "Microfluidics-based Liquid Biopsies" (publication targeted in Sept. 2019), Co-ed. Pr S Descroix/JL Viovy "Microchips for diagnostics" (2017), Springer, Methods in Molecular Biology (MiMB); Guest editor with Pr J Huggett, Biomol. Detect. Quantif. (BDQ, 2016), Elsevier.

Other committee/Jurys: Jury of selection of new students for the FdV Bachelor and doctoral school “Frontiers of innovation in research (ED474) (2017 & 2019), University Paris Descartes since 2012; Member of the evaluation committee “Physics for cancer” 2018 (Research projects in physics, mathematics or engineering sciences related to Cancer); Vice-chair of the committee of evaluation PCSI 2019 (“interdisciplinary approaches of oncogenic processes and therapeutic perspectives: benefit for oncology of physics, chemistry and ingeniering sciences”, INSERM Cancer plan)

Participation to jurys: University full professor position, University of Strasbourg (May 2019); University assistant professor position, ESBS engineer school, University of Strasbourg (April 2018); Junior Group Leader, University of Leuven (Belgium, December 2018),  19 PhD jury since 2013 (5 abroad) including 14 as reviewer or opponent and 2 as president of the jury.

Participation to evaluations of laboratories or institutes: Member of HCERES committees with on-site visits since 2016; Evaluation for Cancer Research UK (2018); Evaluation of INSERM research units since 2016


PUBLICATIONS (including book chapters, * corresponding authors)


[Development of molecular analysis by digital PCR for clinical practice: positionning, current applications and perspectives.] J.A. Denis, A. Perrier, J. Nectoux, P-J. Lamy, A-S. Alary, N. Sarafan-Vasseur, D. Hennaff, B. Busser, R. Appay, P. Pedini, P. Romanet, V. Taly, F. Fina. For the working group of the french society of clinical biology “digital PCR”. Annales de biologie clinique (2018), Review in French, in press. IF: 0.5

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Mechanical characterization of cells and microspheres sorted by acoustophoresis with in-line resistive pulse sensing. A Riaud*, ALP Thai, W Wang, V Taly. arXiv preprint posted online Jun 2019, arXiv:1906.11944

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Edited Book:

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Microchip for diagnostics


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