CV Hélène Blons

Professor Hélène Blons
49 year olds, 3 children
Full Professor (PU-PH university Paris Descartes/AP-HP)
Head of functional unit of hEGP: pharmacogenetics and molecular oncology 
Doctor in Pharmacy from university Paris Descartes, Resident from Paris Hospitals.


Professor Hélène Blons translational and clinical projects are focussing on: the identification of new molecular markers of sensitivity or resistance to targeted therapy in lung and digestive cancers/ the identification of pronostic and subclassification of lung adenocarcinoma/ the study of the role of circulating tumor DNA for the follow-up of patients with cancers (colon and lung) Her fundamental project is centered on the study of the eptithelial mesenchymal transition in non small cell lung cancer including molecular mechanisms, regulation (role of microRNA) and phenotypic  dompact (prognosis, metastasis and response to treatment) es microARN). She is heading the functional Unit (UF) "Pharmacogenetics and molecular oncology" that is part of the biochemistry unit directed by Pr Marie-Anne Loriot (also member of our laboratory). The exams realized in the structure are used as marker of responses to treatments used in oncology and in other pathology (auto-immune diseases, transplantation, cardiology, …). In oncology, the genotyping activity concerns both somatic mutations (tumor biopsies, circulating DNA) and constitutive mutations in the frame of the perscription of targeted therapies and conventional chemotherapies. This structure is composed of 4 PU PH (MDs), 1 PUPH (PharmD), one AHU, one PH, one "Praticien attaché" and five full time equivalent technicians. It is affiliated to several networks (ONCOMolPath, GENTISS, GFCO, National network of Pharmacogénétic (RNPGx) and ANPGM).

CURRICULUM VITAE (updated Oct. 2019)


102 scientific publications in peer reviewed journal, SIGAPS scoring of 1234 (975 in 2016), >3300 citations; h-index = 31 (web of science), average citation per item> 2
> 11 Invited Talks since 2016
> 20 Master /Bachelor students advised;  5 scientific PhD advised (1 received the "Prix de la Chancellerie Suzy et Guy Halimi / Aguirre Basualdo", 2 on-going), 5 PhD in medicine advised (1 on-going), regular supervision of scientists staff both in university research unit (1 in full supervision) and in hEGP functional unit (13)


2014   Habilitation to direct researches (HDR). "Somatic genetics, personalized medicine and eptithelial mesenchymal transition in pulmonary tumors"
2001     PhD in head and neck cancer genetics. U490, University Paris Descartes (Paris V),
1999   Master 2 and PharmD diploma
1994-1999  DES (Medical Biology)
1993   MSBM, Pharmacy study, Faculty of Pharmacy, Paris Descartes university, Resident from Paris Hospitals.


2002-2004  Full position Hospital assistant speciliazed in hospitals (AHU, Biochemistry unit, Trousseau Hospital, Paris) "Genetic diagnosis of  deafness, cystic fibrosis, pediatric biochemistry"
2004-2007  Assistant-Hospitalo-Universitaire (Biochemistry unit,UF of pharmacogenetics and molecular oncology, HEGP, Paris)
2007-2016  Assistant Professor, MCU-PH (Biochemistry unit, UF of pharmacogenetics and molecular oncology, HEGP, Paris)
2008   Agreement for the examination of genetic characteristics for medical aims by molecular genetics limited to pharmarcogenetics and molecular oncology  (Arrêté n°2008-620, renewed in 2013)
2016-     Full professor, PU-PH (Biochemistry unit, head of  the UF of pharmacogenetics and molecular oncology, HEGP, Paris)


PACES (1rst year medical studies): Courses (UE1-UE8), preparation of final selective examination, training of ATER
DFGSM2 ET M1 (2nd and third year of medical studies): Course UMR3 of cell biology S2
DU, DIU (university diploma): Courses on "molecular oncology" (Carpem) ; "oncobiology" (Faculty of Strasbourg) ; "Medico-surgical Thoracic Oncology"; "Approaches based on NGS"
Master 1, Master 2: Courses in Cell Biology, Physiology and Pathology, University Paris Diderot
IFSI: Courses in fundamental biology
MOOC: "Somatic genetic of tumors", Massive Open Online Course Paris Diderot
Residents and CCA: teaching  and training in biology of hEGP residents
DES- SIDES: on line courses on molecular markers of cancer for "DES in biology" (consolidation phase) and "oncology DES"
Enseignement post universitaire: Course for city MDs, in the frame of  AERIO


2000-2002  INSERM "Poste d’accueil"
1999   Residency Medals 1999
1996   "Année recherche'" (Master 2)


Member of the  PAIR VADS committee 2011 (INCa)
Member of the scientific committee of the Oncomolpath network (INca platform of APHP)
Member of the director board of the IFCT ("Intergroupe Francophone de Cancérologie Thoracique") 2013-2015
Member of the scientific committee of the IFCT ("Intergroupe Francophone de Cancérologie Thoracique") since  2015
Member of the "commission des effectifs" from the HEGP 2016-2018
Deputy referent of the LGM Seqoia (Genomic Plateform of Paris Area/  France génomique plan 2025) for APHP
Nominated member of the national  thematic committee of the ARC foundation CN5
Member of the jury of the Hélène Starck prize for young researcher days of the ARC foundation in 2018
Nominated member of the scientific evaluation committee of the League National against cancer (grand Est)
Member of the committee  PAIR VADS 2011 (INCa)
Evaluation of projects for INCa; French League National Against cancer; ERC grant (2018)


Member of the redaction committee of methodological validation in molecular oncology for accreditation according to the 15189 norm (INca)
Member of the steering committee of external national control of GenTiss quality since 2012.
Member of the evaluation committee  of  MET, ALK, BRAF and POLE mutations in the Acsé programs (INca)