Alena Van Houte / Group / Translational Research & Microfluidics / UMRS1147 / Recherche - UMRS1147

Alena Van Houte

Schoolstraat 1 26/06/1995
9190 Kemzeke Belgian nationality


2016-2018 Ongoing: Master in molecular and cellular biomedical sciences (University of Antwerp)

Major: Molecular and cellular sciences; Minor: Research

2013-2016 Bachelor in biomedical sciences (University of Antwerp)

Bachelor thesis
The function of LRP4 and it’s involvement in hereditary diseases

2006-2013 Mathematics and sciences

Heilige familie Sint-Niklaas

Additional licenses

2014-2016 Honours College

University of Antwerp
Centre of medical genetics Antwerp
Subject: Carcinogenesis of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors


Excellent knowledge of Dutch
Excellent knowledge of English
Moderate knowledge of French