Post-doctoral researcher.

Email address: perez.toralla<at>gmail.com

PhD thesis

Laboratory:  MMBM group, Institut Curie, Paris, FRANCE

Title:   « Microfluidic system for in situ molecular characterization of cancer cells »

Supervisors:   Jean Louis VIOVY, Laurent MALAQUIN, Stephanie DESCROIX

Accomplishments:   Developed a complete toolbox for the microfabrication of COC

Chose, optimized and validated relevant biological tools for the analysis of cancer cells, in collaboration with clinicians

Developed an integrated COC platform for the implementation of cellular and molecular biology protocols

Management:   Managed a work package in the EU FP7 projects CAMINEMS (N°228980) and DIATOOLS (N°259796): two technological research projects aiming at developing new diagnosis tools for cancer screeningCollaborated in the EU FP7 projects NADINE (N°288956)
Mentored Ezgi TULUCKUOGLU, during her 6-month master internship

Dissemination:  Trained several users to COC microfabrication and adapted the fabrication protocols and chip design to their needs. Trained several users to the microfluidic platform for cell analysis

Scientific skills

Micro and nano fabrication:   Photolithography, wet and dry etching (glass, silicon), nanoimprint lithography, clean room environment (ISO 5), soft lithography (PDMS), hot and roll embossing (COC thermoplastic), thin film deposition (spin coating, evaporation, sputtering), self assembly of magnetic microspheres

Microfluidics:   Design and characterization of microfluidic architectures (2D and 3D), hydrodynamic modeling, surface treatment of microchannels (antifouling/cell adhesion), flow control automation, thermal control for biological protocols

Cell biology:  Cell culture in L2 biosafety facility (epithelial: MCF7, SKBR3, A549, G401 - hematopoietic: Raji, Jurkat), slide and sample preparation, DNA and protein analysis (IF,FISH, RT-RCA and PLA) on glass slides and on chip

Characterization:    Ellipsometry, scatterometry, profilometer, contact angle goniometer and tensiometer, XPS, FTIR, DSC, DMA

Microscopy:   Bright field, epi-fluorescence, deconvolution, confocal, SEM, TEM, AFM, STM, microscope automation and image analysis

Work Experiences

Feb.-August 2009:  SVI- UMR CNRS/Saint Gobain Recherche, Aubervilliers, FRANCE
Internship title: «Nanoimprint of porous sol-gel coating for microfluidic devices»
Supervisors: Etienne BARTHEL, Jérémie TEISSEIRE

April-August 2008 :  LTM, c/o CEA-LETI, Grenoble, FRANCE
Internship: « Low viscosity monomers for thermal nanoimprint »
Supervisors: Jumana BOUSSEY-SAID, Cécile GOURGON, Marc ZELSMANN


2009-2012:   PhD. in Physics specialized on Microfluidics and cancer cells
University Diderot, Paris-7, FRANCE
Institut Curie, UMR168, FRANCE
Doctoral School “Frontiers in life science”, FRANCE

2007-2009:      M.Sc. (with honors) in Physics specialized on Nanotechnology
University of Orsay, Paris-Sud 11, FRANCE

2004-2007:     B.Sc. (with honors) in Physics specialized on semiconducting materials
University of Montpellier 2, FRANCE

Other skills

IT:    Programming and modelling (C/C++, Java, html, Matlab, Labview)
Multiphysics simulations: Comsol
DTP and Design (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCad)
Microsoft Office, Open Office, Windows, Linux

Languages:    Bilingual Spanish/French/ Fluent English/ Basic German


Publications and communications

Papers in peer-reviewed journals:


Multiplex Detection of Rare Mutations by Picoliter Droplet Based Digital PCR: Sensitivity and Specificity Considerations. Zonta, F. Garlan, N. Pecuchet, K. Perez-Toralla, O. Caen, C. Milbury, A. Didelot, E. Fabre, H. Blons, Pierre Laurent-Puig, Valérie Taly, , PloS one11(7), 2016
A Study of Hypermethylated Circulating Tumor DNA as a Universal Colorectal Cancer Biomarker. Garrigou, G. Perkins, F. Garlan, C. Normand, A. Didelot, D. Le Corre, S. Peyvandi, C. Mulot, R. Niarra, P. Aucouturier, G. Chatellier, P. Nizard, K. Perez-Toralla, E. Zonta, C. Charpy, A. Pujals, C. Barrau, O. Bouche, J-F. Emile, D. Pezet, F. Bibeau, JB. Hutchinson, D. Link, A. Zaanan, P. Laurent-Puig, I. Sobhani, V. Taly, Clinical Chemistry, 2016
 Digital PCR compartmentalization I. Single-molecule detection of rare mutations. Perez-Toralla, D. Pekin, JF. Bartolo, F. Garlan, P. Nizard, P. Laurent-Puig, JC. Baret, V. Taly, Médecine/Sciences, 31(1), 2015.
Digital PCR compartmentalization II. Contribution for the quantitative detection of circulating tumor DNA,Caen, P. Nizard, S. Garrigou, K. Perez-Toralla, E. Zonta, P. Laurent-Puig, V. Taly, Médecine/Sciences, 31(2), 2015.
 FISH in Chips: Turning microfluidic Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization into a quantitative and clinically reliable molecular diagnosis tool. Perez-Toralla, G. Mottet, E. Tulukcuoglu-Guneri, J.Champ, F.C. Bidard, J.Y. Pierga, J. Klijanienko, I. Draskovic, L. Malaquin, J.L. Viovy, S. Descroix. Lab on Chip, 15(3), 811-22, 2015.
Clinical relevance of KRAS-mutated sub-clones detected with picodroplet digital PCR in advanced colorectal cancer treated with anti-EGFR therapy. Laurent-Puig, D. Pekin, C. Normand, SK. Kotsopoulos, P. Nizard, K. Perez-Toralla, R. Rowell, J. Olson, P. Srinivasan, D. Le Corre, T. Hor, Z. El Harrak, X. Li, DR. Link, O. Bouché, J-F. Emile, B. Landi, V. Boige, JB. Hutchison, V. Taly, Clinical Cancer Research, 21(5), 1087-97, 2015.
A three dimensional thermoplastic microfluidic chip for robust cell capture and high resolution imaging. G. Mottet, K. Perez-Toralla, E. Tulukcuoglu, F.C. Bidard, J.Y. Pierga, I. Draskovic, A.  Londono-Vallejo, S.  Descroix, L.  Malaquin and J.L.  Viovy, BIOMICROFLUIDICS, 8(2),  Article Number: 024109, DOI: 10.1063/1.4871035
Superhydrophobic silica surfaces: fabrication and stability. A. L. Dubov, K. Perez-Toralla, A. Letailleur, E. Barthel and J. Teisseire, J. Micromech. Microeng., 23(12), 125013, 2013, doi:10.1088/0960-1317/23/12/125013
New non-covalent strategies for stable surface treatment of thermoplastic chips. K. Perez-Toralla, J. Champ, M. R. Mohamadi, O. Braun, L. Malaquin, J-L. Viovy and S. Descroix, Lab on Chip, 2013, 22 (4409-4418). See http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2013/lc/c3lc50888a#!divAbstract
High flowability monomer resists for thermal nanoimprint  lithography. K. Perez-Toralla, J. De Girolamo, D. Boutry, M. Zelsmann, J. Boussey, C. Gourgon, Microelectronic Engineering, 86(4-6), 2009
Comparison of monomer and polymer resists in thermal nanoimprint lithography. M. Zelsmann, K. Perez-Toralla, J. De Girolamo, D. Boutry, C. Gourgon, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B, 26(6), 2008

Selected conferences:

EMBL Conference – Microfluidics 2012, 25 - 27 July 2012, Heidelberg (Germany). «FISH-on-a-Chip : an integrated platform for genomic analysis of captured circulating tumour cells», K. Perez-Toralla, Guillaume Mottet, Ezgi Tuluckuoglu, Jérôme Champ, Irena Draskovic, Stéphanie Descroix, Jean-Louis Viovy. Poster.
ASME2011 - The Ninth International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels, 19-22 June 2011, Edmonton (Canada). «FISH IN CHIPS: molecular typing of HER2 biomarker for rapid and low cost cancer diagnosis», K. Perez-Toralla, G. Mottet, I. Draskovic, L. Malaquin, J-L Viovy. Oral communication
µFlu 2010 Second European Conference in Microfluidics, 8-10 December 2010 Toulouse, (France). «FISH IN CHIPS: molecular typing of HER2 biomarker for rapid and low cost cancer diagnosis», K. Perez-Toralla, G. Mottet, I. Draskovic, L. Malaquin, J-L Viovy. Oral communication
Converciencia 2010, 26-30 July 2010, Guatemala City, (Guatemala). « Nanotecnología y microsistemas en el Institut Curie», Taller: Nanotecnología para Guatemala. K. Perez-Toralla, A.E. Saliba, L. Saias, J. Autebert, F.D.Delapierre, G. Mottet, L. Malaquin, JL Viovy. Invited oral communication