31 years old

French citizenship

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dPCR (Raindance Technologies and laboratory microfluidic stations), molecular biology (qPCR, citology, bacterial culture…), DNA, RNA and miRNA extraction (manual and using Promega Maxwell instrument), work in anaerobic environment (Freiter chamber), organic synthesis (vacuum, liquid nitrogen…), RMN, HPLC, GC-MS, creation of microfluidic devices, clean room,, .

Computer skills 

JUMP (statistic), NMRNotebook (for RMN results), FlowJo, MS‑office, Open office, tools for scientific litterature review.


Management and realization of scientific project- Supervising staff- Creating of operating method- Management of stocks and orders.


French (native tongue), English


Since 2017/09

Engineer – European Georges Pompidou Hospital (hEGP).

2013/01- 2017/09

Engineer – Inserm UMR S1147. Study of genetic and epigenetic Cancer markers in blood, by picoliter droplet-based digital PCR (Raindance Technologies), microfluidics and qPCR technics. Organic synthesis of surfactant. Development of droplet-based microfluidic assays.

2011/10 – 2012/12 

Engineer – APHP (Henri Mondor Hospital). Study of Methylated Sequences in Colorectal Cancer in blood, by qPCR technic.

2011/03 – 2011/09

Microbiology technician - Saint Joseph Hospital. Study of organics samples by cytology, bacterial culture.

2010/10 – 2011/02

Engineer – INRA UMR 1319 MICALIS. Study of human intestinal microbiota by qPCR, after treatment, in clinical study (in collaboration with Servier).


Intern Engineer – INRA UMR 1319 MICALIS. Study of human intestinal microbiota by qPCR, for patients who have ankylosing spondylarthritis.

2009/01 – 2009/03

Intern Engineer – CNRS UMR8601. Study of the human protein prion, by RMN technic



Master Degree in chemistry and biological analyses – Paris Descartes university


Bachelor Degree in chemistry  – Paris Descartes university


Reading : thriller, science fiction, heroic fantasy.



Circulating cell-free BRAFV600E as a biomarker in children with Langerhans cell histiocytosis. S. Héritier, Z. Hélias-Rodzewicz, H. Lapillonne, N. Terrones, S. Garrigou , C. Normand, M.-A. Barkaoui, J. Miron, G. Plat, N. Aladjidi, A. Pagnier, A. Deville, M. Gillibert-Yvert, D. Moshous, A. Lefèvre-Utile, A. Lutun, C. Paillard, C. Thomas, E. Jeziorski, P. Nizard, V. Taly, J.-F. Emile, J. Donadieu. Brittish Journal of Haematology. 178(3):457-467.

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[Digital PCR compartmentalization II. Contribution for the quantitative detection of circulating tumor DNA]. Caen O, Nizard P, Garrigou S , Perez-Toralla K, Zonta E, Laurent-Puig P, Taly V. Med Sci (Paris). 2015 Feb;31(2):180-6.